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I think Nikki's car hates her!


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
You guys won't believe this.

Nikki called this morning to tell me that the left front headlight motor on her 00 keeps running (grinding) after she turns off the headlights. I instructed her to pull the wires plug and call the dealer.

Then, I pull into the parking lot at my work in her old Corvette and my left front headlamp would not go down. All you can do is laugh. At least she still has a warranty.

Oh well. She really is not that picky, but the 2000 does seem to have some aggravating problems.
I had this with my 87. The gears in it were not very good. With the reduction of parts in the C5, bet you're glad it's still under warranty. The headlight is one unit now. Still it sounds as tho it might be just a break in problem.

Sorry 'bout being in the dog house tonight. It's really amazing how it becomes your car, child, etc when there are problems.

You know what I used to do when I was single.....

I plugged it back in last night, and it just grinds and pops. Then it stopped.

Soooooooooooo, you can bet when she takes it to the dealer it will be working fine.

The left front in the 90 was not making noise, it just would not move. Now it seems to be working fine.

Hmmmmm, single? Nah, I would not trade her for anything.
Trying to add some brevity to an otherwise grinding situation, 69. Nikki sounds like quite a lady and you are lucky.

Keep us informed as to the solution and cause of the problem. I also have a y2k.
She dropped it at the dealer tonight and they should be changing the left actuator out on Wed.

She is having a heck of a time shifting gears into reverse. She has gotten some great feedback from C4C5 specialist and is not getting any positive feedback from the local dealers.

They are going to have another look at that as well.

I guess there is good and bad to it. I feel pretty rotten for buying her a car that has already given her so many little irritating problems. This will be the third time she has taken it back to the dealer in less than two months. Then again, had I bought it new and spent that many thousands more, I guess we would be even more upset with the little petty problems.

I realize there is no such thing as a perfect machine. So, I am pretty easy going about these kinds of things. She is getting pretty ticked off at some of it. At the same time she really loves the car.

She is a pretty special person to me. If I could have bought her a new one I would have. Maybe in the future. For now we will deal with these issues and move on to the next.
Just remember that is was a gift and one never looks a gift-horse in the mouth, or in this case, a gift-Vette. ;)

There are many, many people who wish they could do half of what you do, in helping and caring for others, Chris. :upthumbs

_ken :w

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