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Im Putting on a new Carb,...4150 or 4160, I cant decide??



Hi All....
Im going to give the SB a little boost again.
but cant decide on whether to replace my present carb with a 0-80670 street avenger double pumper ,or the holley 0-3310c which is 750cfm dual feed single pump?
Im also getting a Edelbrock performer rpm air gap to put the new carb on.
Ive done the measuring and I can fit all this under my stock hood by using a 1.25 dropbase cleaner base and a 3" k&N w/extreme flow lid. (I have a .75 dropbase already installed). I already know the lid will bottom on the choke tower, so Im prepared to remove the choke and trim the tower until the lid clears it! Im willing to do that, Carbs come and go, but My hood is staying stock!
I Should have at least .5" clearance under the hood , Ill post the actual clearance(or lack of ),after Im done.

Anybody have any advice about which carb to use, Im all ears!
As you may know, I put "alot" of hiway miles on my car, Its a on the road roadster :)
Any advice is appreciated..
Cheers and beers :beer


http://www.weavermill.com/new1.jpg Firecracker Red 1969 Roadster, Black Leather Interior, Muncie M-21 4sp, 350/330hp Holley Aluminum intake, Holley 600cfm, K&N X-stream Flow Air cleaner system, Hooker Headers & Side Exhaust, MSD Probillet Distributor W/Tachdrive, MSD 6a Ignition Module, MSD 8.5mm Superconductor wires, 330lb Composite rear spring, 460lb front coil springs, Upgraded Geometry Strut Mount Bracket, Adjustable Struts, Bilstein Sport Shocks, BF Goodrich 255/60/15's.
People usually shy away from manual secondaries on the street, but you may be able to get away with it haveing a 4spd.

The street avenger looks nice, if they make a 700-750 cfm that would be nice, that part number you posted comes up as a 670.

The dual feed line's are mostly to supply the front bowl on hard drag strip launches, you don't really need that unless your running pretty hard at the strip.
The Street Avenger is a very nice carb. I installed one on a '67 Camaro 396, and it ran great out of the box with minor tweaks. Be conservative with the carb size. Err on the small side with Holleys.

I want to know how all that's going to fit under a small block hood! I have a Performer intake with a Q-jet, a 1.5 inch drop base, and a 2.81-inch tall filter and have barely 1/4 inch clearance under the hood on my '72 small block. Are the Holleys not as tall as the Q-jets?
Correction, I just found out the 80670 has vacuum secondaries and is not a double pump carb. But I like what im hearing about it , I think its not too much carb for my 330hp SB, Im strongly considering it .:D

Stingray72...From what Ive heard, most all 4bbl carbs are around 3.5 " from intake pad to carb neck.
all I know is I got out the putty, and got a measurement with what I have in now, and I got the specs for the rpm air gap, did the math, and it comes out that I can close the hood with a 1.25 dropbase with a 3" element with a half inch to spare?
Im going to try it and see, Ill change to a 2" filter if push comes to shove..
Somehow Im confident I wont get stuck and not be able to install the rpm airgap.

If you want the specs and calcs that Im using to see the clearance, let me know and Ill post them ..
I have a Holley 750 dual feed vac sec on my 355 ci with heads, cam, headers and torker manifold. It runs fine but I think the 670 street avenger would be a good choice also. Maybe a better choice.

On kinda of an off subject where are you sourcing the 1.25 dropbase air cleaner base ??? Im in need of somthing that will fit under my hood bad.

I just have the little faom edelbrock clearner , it the only thing Ive been able to come up with so far to fit under my hood, the stock unit is about 2 inchs two tall. Im not very pleased with what I have in there now. Iv been planning on a hood swap, if there is a way I can gat around that I would love it.
The drop base is comming from summit, Its a K&N. They sell a .75 dropbase and a 1.25 dropbase. Summit sells their own dropbase also for 17 bucks.

Ive changed plans, Im not going to open the can of worms with trying to get the Performer rpm air gap manifold to fit under my 69sb hood.

I got the performer eps instead.. 400 hp , 5500rpms is the tops Im planning for this motor, I can get that easily enough, without a highrise manifold.

PS I got the EDL 80670 street avenger on the way also will be here monday, Ill take pics of the setup before I install. I bet its purdy,,cant wait for it to get here.
Im starting to research head & cam options now too..Id like to have the motor allbuilt for 400hp by oct.

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