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inside lights



I have an 81 and I can turn on the interior lights with the switch, but if you open the doors they will not come on. Has any one had this problem?
Thanks, Chris

If it's just one door it does this on, I'd say its the switch in the door. If it's both doors, there is probably a broken connection that leads to the relay that completes the circut.


Thanks for the info. It happens with both doors. That is what gets me.
I also have the same problem. Is the relay switch you are talking about located under the dash or in the engine area.. Thanks..
I'll take a look at the schematics

Chris & Ted,
I'll look in my GM Shop Manual later and get back to you two. Right now I'm having one heck of a battle with my computer. The desk top died, so I'm using my laptop and it keeps kicking off line :mad:


I would check the switches at the door. I would start with the switch on the driver's side, It is the switch with 2 wires conncted to it the one on the pasenger's side only has one wire attached.............Steve

Chris, Ted,

Steve (SSAutoSport) suggestion is a very good place to get started. Should these prove to be ok, then Check the ground from the vanity mirror make sure it is a good connection. The common circuit to these lights is the Light Delay Timer check it's ground too, the grounds are the black wire.

I am assuming that your instrument lights and cigarette lighter are working? If it is only the interior lights associated with the door switches, and the ground have been cleaned and check as mentioned above, you could try to bypass the Light Delay Timer and see if the light work then.

The Transistorized (black box) "Interior Light DelayTimer" is located under the dash between the glove box and the side panel. Maybe just cleaning all the contact surfaces will fix you up, but you may need to replace the Magic Little Black Box.

Hope this is something simple, Like ground connections or bad bulbs, does your walk around light work on the back under the Corvette?

Good Luck and keep us posted as to what you find, I'm sure others have the same problem and watching too ;)

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