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Interior Control Module Repair



I have an 88 Convertible. While trying to resolve what turned out to be a starter problem, one of my mechanics apparently caused a short and blew-out an interior light module. "Rich Rubel" answered my first plea and told me what what was wrong and even sent a picture of the control module. It is tucked up underneath the passenger hush panel above the ECM.

I had my mechanic pull it out and because my car is 19 years old I broke both of the plastic tabs holding the circuit board in the module housing. Rich told me that a guy named "Eagle-something" would repair these for $25 if you sent them in to him. The problem is, I did a search and can't find Eagle-something anyplace.

Does anyone out there know a) How to get one of these modules or b) repair the one I have. I did remove the blown capacitor, but Radio Shack did not have an exact replacement. It (the capacitor) shows 100 ul (or something like that) and 25 volts on it. The closest one I could find is 85 ul and 25 volts. The problem is the lead wires on the capacitor I have are so short it I can't bend it over to get the cover back on. Also, I may have soldered across a circuit because the lights won't come on, nor will the convertible top cover switches on each door work.

If anyone has any idea where I could get one of these modules from a junk yard that I could call, or anyone who can repair mine, I would be forever grateful.


Mike Haselmire, Peoria, AZ
Can't really help you with your problem but check with Keith at Lou Grubb Parts, there is a guy in Glendale that has a lot of parts for vettes. Don sumthin if I remember right and there is another guy off of 33rd and Bell named Fred that has a lot of vette parts in his back yard. his number is 602-942-9186. But Keith or Les at Lou Grubb could give you his number.

Gordon Howe
85 Black 4+3 coupe
Come to think about it the guys last name is Dunshee, so Keith could give u his number.


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