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Interior door panels



Hello All,

I am wondering if any of my C4 friends have come across interior delux door panals for a '88 vette convertible. I have seen them at Ecklers for $429/each. Is there a better deal out there?

What color? Also what makes them different form Coupe door panels?

I have a set of Flame Red panels from my 89 that i don't need
Door Panels

That is the best deal I have seen out there 429 that is... I believe that there IS a difference between the coupe and convertable (atleast they are sold as seperate items convertable/coupe on http://corvettecentral.com

I think the Deluxe panels come with the door trim pre-installed...
I was just ordering a delux door panel on corvettecentral and I realize that it comes with everything but the door open panel trim plate (the part that goes around the door handle that houses the power door lock switches. When ordering the panels I noticed that there is an 86-89 update panel for the 84-85 door.

Does anyone know the difference between the 84-85 door and the 86-89 door. They are both coupes ( i noticed in 86 they started offering the convertible). In pics the doors look identical. Can anyone help me out?
84-85 had a different type of door lock switch.. 2 push buttons instead of the rocker
Hmm... Was it a better design? Does it look better? Heh... never seen inside an 86-89. Thanx
Uerik said:
Hmm... Was it a better design? Does it look better? Heh... never seen inside an 86-89. Thanx

Better design? honestly don't know but the door lock switch on a 86-89 is the same switch that is used for the power windows for those years..

I don't have a picture handy to show you though
Hmm.. I know the kind then. I don't know if I like that better... But I ordered it.. oh well.

Try ebay, I bought door panels from someone that had a recked car and had just bought them from Mid America. Both were perfect and cost less than one door panel from the Mail order catalogs.


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