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Interior, Lights First


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Dec 12, 2004
Maryland / D.C.
'69 Convertible Vette; '72 Z28 Camaro Rally Sport
Interior Restore, Lights First

I removed my dash, speedo, tach. My dash cluster lights do not work.

Inspecting my light switch, I believe the white wire connects to the door jamb switches.

Using a penlight voltage tester --- testing the white wire on the light switch --- I found out that when the door is open, the interior light bulb will illuninate, but the white wire connected to the switch plug will not have power (i.e., the penlight turns off). However, when the door is closed (door jamb swtich depressed), the lights turn off, but the white wire connected to the switch plug now have power.

Does this sound like a grounding problem? I am sure this will be one of my many posts.

Thank you.

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