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Interior resto



Are there any '78 owners out there with a digital camera?

I need a few good pictures of the rear interior area. I know mine is not right and I would like to see what it looked like from St. Louis!! The rear speakers were each screwed to a piece of cardboard, then red carpet was glued over it, these were then just crammed into the rear corners! The carpet was even glued to the speaker cones.:eek

My interior is red but clear photos of ANY color interior would help. I want to start purchasing the parts that are missing or broken so that maybe by the summer of 2003 (25th birthday for my '78 and 50th anniversary for vettes) she'll be back on the the road.

I'll buy a virtual round of beer for the first 5 photos!! lol
My 78 had the same sort of hack job install on the rear speakers.
Got the frame and grilles from Ecklers. The frames get installed first then lay down the carpet then then you attached the speakers to the grilles and mount the covers.
A real pain with some minor fabrication to get the frames installed.
No digital camara, sorry.
OK, maybe someone can clarify. Did 1978 Corvettes come with factory installed rear speakers? If the answer is 'no' then I'm barking up the wrong tree.
I'm sure they were an option because Eclklers lists them as original equipment for 1978. (all of the parts were genuine GM restoration parts and indicated 1978 as a model year)
interior resto

you should get the corvette assembly manual. this manual is what the assembly works used to put her together. they are only about 25 bucks, and they tell you allot of info. If you are ever at a big show look for them they are some waht cheaper then.
I have the assembly manual but I didn't see the rear speakers anywhere in it. That why I asked if they were available from the factory or not. If anyone knows what page they're on let me know (I have the manual from Corvette Central).
Doug, I can't tell you what page they are on, but I can tell you that they did come in 78,s. I don't have a 78 to 82 in the shop right now so I can not get you a picture. But if you can find a 78-82 they all mount the same way.........Steve

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