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Introducing my new baby!



Last night I became the new owner of a 1971 vette. The car was originally a Ls5 454 but it currently has a 350 in it. It needs lots of little things but it drives great. Below are some pics. So when does this big grin go away? :)




Congrats on the new baby :cool I have had my car for a year + and the grin is still there. :)
All right, Sean! Welcome to the '71 party. So, what are you going to call her? Barney, Grimace or the Purple People Eater? How about the Purple Viper Eater? How do those headers sound through the pipes? Give us a shot of those wheels, too. The smile goes away as soon as you hit your head on the frame, after misjudging your place under the car. It'll come back as soon as you regain consciousness, though. :crazy --Bullitt

As long as you own one it will never go away. Nice car, interesting color too. My '72 had the luggage rack and I loved the look. Nothin' like chrome bumpers on a shark. Only thing chrome on my '81 is the shift knob. But I still love her anyway. Congrats!!!

.......... Nut
Wow! She's gorgeous....is it a she or a he? As you can tell, we are very happy for you. :Twist I dont' think the smile will ever go away, mine still hasn't after all this time. Good luck and keep us updated on the little fixings.

Bullitt said:
So, what are you going to call her? Barney, Grimace or the Purple People Eater?

How do those headers sound through the pipes? Give us a shot of those wheels, too.

The first thing that popped into my head was Purple People Eater too... :)

The car is deafening! It is truly a 70's muscle car. You won't be sneaking up on anyone for sure. Man, my neighbors are gonna love me :eek

I will take some more photos on Saturday when i go to pick her up. I didn't expect to buy her last night so I didn't bring the cash. But she will be all mine on Saturday and I'll post some photos of the wheels...

The Flying Purple People Eater!

You lucky dog!
The grin is now a permanant fixture. Get used to it. And checking on her in the middle of the night....just because you're awake and want to see how she looks in the garage. Again.
Re: The Flying Purple People Eater!

78SilvAnniv said:

I think you might reconsidering that statement if you saw her up close. She has a lot of cosmetic things to be fixed. But overall I am very happy.

Man, Saturday seems so far away... :(
That is one good looking Vette. How did you find your 71????

Welcome to the '71 club!
Great looking car!! Can't wait to see more pics...
Have fun and keep grinning :D
Barb :w

I thought you were looking for a project car. It looks like you found one except the project will be minor cosmetics. Isn't that great.

Beautiful car, congrats.
Welcome to the Chromehead Club!!!

Pretty/handsome ride sdotson, depending on gender of course.

Chrome to chrome with room to roam!!! :upthumbs


72 Bluz :w
When does the grin go away? It hasn't for me . . . and I've been at this for a long time. Oh, it fades a little now and then. Like when you suck a valve or drop a tranny.

But, after you clean up your tools and put the jack stands and creeper away . . . and then you drive down to the local high school or college and take part in the homecoming festivities. Or that first post operation show you enter . . . the grin comes back in full force!

Like Chevy Chase said in the movie Vacation . . . "our smiles are so big, we're gonna need plastic surgery to remove them"!!

Very eyecatching and sharp, sdotson! Congratulations and you
will have miles and miles of smiles. Enjoy. :)

re: intro. your new baby

Sweet Ride!!!! Trust me, with a ride like that. The grin will seldom go away. Congrats. and enjoy! :D Darryl aka SARGE
heh..heh..Ditto on 78silvanniv's viewpoint, couldnt put it better than that
Thanks for eveyone's comments. 24 hours and counting till I pick her up.

Does anyone own a War Bonnet Yellow 69-72? That's her original color and I'd like to see what she will eventually look like. She's stuck with the purple till then.....

Well it's 9PM and I'm wide awake. It's going to be a LONG night.


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