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Is Bluvet Rare?



Hi all,

Just curious. I've been goofing around looking at all the different Vette sites and I've decided they I just may have a rare Corvette. It seems that every other Admiral Blue 94 I find has grey leather. Mine has what the original owner said was "buckskin leather". I've been meaning to send in for the build sheet and just haven't got around to it yet. Being lovers of America's number 1 sports car, I thought I'd solicit your input. Have any of you ever seen a 94 Coupe with tan leather? Thanks!
Good question. Based upon my observations at large Corvette shows year to year, most Admiral Blue Corvettes that I've seen usually come with gray or black interior. I can't recall seeing Admiral Blue with beige interior, so I'm willing to bet that that particular color combination is probably on the rare side.
94 Bluvet, I'd probably have to agree with Rob. It's probably reasonably rare. Ordering the build sheet isn't going to tell you how many were built though. I wish! I've been trying to find out for a couple of years now exactly how many bright aqua/white/white 92's were built. :s Although the NCM now has the Build Sheets from 82 forward, except for a few, the Build Sheets don't tell you the numbers built, they just tell you what your car was built with. Hopefully one day the NCM will get the resources and manpower to put the Build Sheets into a database program where when you want or need to check statistics you can. That's a GREAT reason to support the NCM! :J
Is Bluvet Rare


Sure you can check out my 92 on my web site at http://www.ih2000.net/crockerl and go the the page that says our corvettes the 92 is on the 2nd page of our corvettes. :s The web site isn't fancy and really needs to be updated. :Twist
How Rare?

In my copy of the Corvette Black Book (1953-1994) under 1994 Corvette it says that Lb (Light Beige) was available with EVERY colour made that year. It does not break down how many were supplied with the Admiral Blue in this book!!

As far as I know there aren't any books that will have a break down only the plant knew how many of each option were made and they didn't keep track offically! :) Eventually the NCM hopes to put the Build Sheets into a database where the options can be researched. But that takes time and money. One of the reasons for supporting OUR MUSEUM!! :w

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