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Is this a fair price?



Saw this ad today and talked to the guy:

1974 454 4-speedConv with both tops. Non original block, rest of engine is original. 100k miles, A/C. red with white (yuck! :( ) interior

asking $8850

Is this a good figure. I'd say no with the NOM but both tops and a 4 speed convertible make up for a lot of that..

Opinions please

just an opinion

I am NOT an expert...
For me, if the Corvette is clean, no major visible damage or dings, motor runs good and the 2 original tops are there, it has a 4-speed and a 454....I think that would make up for the 100K miles and non-original motor.
Overall, $8850 sounds a reasonable price with room to negotiate, and the owner could have asked more with the original engine, but he has other things that make up for its loss.
An old friend gave me this advice once, and I use it ALL the time when I need to make a huge decision...

Weigh the good against the bad.
If the bad outweighs the good, get rid of it.
If the good outweighs the bad...look at the bad.
Can you live with it?
If you can, do so without complaints.
If you can't, get rid of it. No matter how good the good is.

Can you live without an original engine to have a Corvette?

keep looking
you can find a better price
i actually got my 76 for 4500 but it does need a bit of work
:mad: :r
i just love that too much :)
Though I'm far from an expert, let me describe my husband's 1974 Corvette convertible and its appraised value. Then use your own judgement.

It is an L48 (small block), automatic, also has 2 tops, A/C, and 96,000 miles, new top, newly painted. It is appraised and insured for $16,500.

I would say that $8850 is a good starting price...use that as a beginning for negotiating.
8850 for a BB, 4 speed roadster?:eek: I would say that if the car passes muster i.e. you (or someone you trust) checks the mechanicals (engine, tranny, rear, suspension...) go for it. I've seen roadster rolling chassis for nearly 5000. And that was minus the motor and tranny.

The non-original block dosent bother me too much. Make sure you go over the whole car with a fine tooth comb before you make a decission though. I like Silver's advice too.

Let us know what you decide.

Both tops,4 speed,air and convertible.Doesn't sound to out of line on the price. Convertibles are bringing $3000 to $5000 more then the coupes. they are a hot item right now. Chuck
I use to be a licensed Used Car Dealer. :eek: :r The best deals are the one's that makes you HAPPY!! If you check it out and it's the one for you, try and negotiate a lower price. 9 out of 10 times you can get it a little lower. If the owner is firm on his price then it's decision time. GOOD LUCK. :w
I just bought a '74 t-top 350 (auto) last month. The car was listed for the public for 10,500. The seller had two offers after looking at the car for 9,500, they said they wanted to convert it and race it, he said "NO SELL". The love that this man felt for this car after 27 years was like father and son. The seller was retiring to another state and had to sell the car by the end of the month. After talking with him and doing some moving work and time getting short, he dropped the price to 6,500 for me only!:D
Took me a day or two to get the cash meantime this man put the car in the shop and spent a grand tuning it up and having the mechanics do the once over. So all said and done you could say I paid 5,500. I have put money into it as with all new toys, but have been offered up to 12,000 for it in the past month. I could never imagine selling this car as the seller had tears in his eyes when he handed over the keys and title. Think putting a price on a vette is hard, this is the TRUE American sports car, you pay as much as you'd love the car.

The thing that makes this car worth more is that it is the last year for the 454/4-speed. Check Hemmings and other Corvette ad magazines. If you can find a BB 4-speed , convertible with 2 tops it will be expensive. A nice one will be as high as twice an average small block coupe. More if NCRS quality. These cars are starting to catch on with restorers and have been sleepers for years. If this car is a good one with only the block changed, I can't see how you could go wrong.

I predict the '74 BB 4-speed convertible to be one of the hottest collector sharks in the not too distant future.

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