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I've got water infiltration :-(


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Dec 7, 2001
San Bruno, CA US
1970 LT-1, Cortez Silver w/Black Leather
Whenever it rains or I wash my '70 LT-1, I get water infiltrating through the cowl area and soaking the floor below the pedals.
Can anybody give me the skinny on a good place to start, as well a possible solutions?
Thanks, and Happy New Year!!!!!!
clogged drains? allot of leaves.
try and remove the pannel on the inside by your feet, and get a small vaccum attachement in there . or squeeze your hand or your childs hand in there and remove the 30years worth of gunk.
there is also a book out about water leaks and how to fix the problem.
The 30 years worth of clogged gunk probably is the culprit but here's another place to look if that doesn't solve the problem, though it's a royal PITA. The water may actually be coming through one of the holes in the firewall where the seals/sealant may have rotted or even been removed for some sort of maintenance over the years. I'll see if I have a diagram of the firewall at home and post it here.

Good luck!
It sounds like I ought to pull off the cowl grill and thoroughly "chase" all the various drains, etc., and check the rubber grommets and seals. This is gonna be a fun little task.
Thanks for the info guys, I appreciate it.

Another area that I have had a problem with is the wiper transmission mounting plates. The sealant dries up and will let water leak in. I have had to take them loose and reseal them on 2 cars. Strip caulk works well.

Ouch! I can only hope mine isn't leaking in that area, but I'll certainly check it out!

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