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Keep Your C7 Corvette Z06 Cool with Callaway's HD Cooling System


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Sep 16, 2000
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Callaway Cars of Old Lyme, Connecticut unveils the ultimate cooling solution for your C7 Corvette Z06​

It's well known that the early years of the C7 Corvette Z06 suffered from numerous overheating issues when pushed on the track during high-heat conditions.

For the 2017 Corvette Z06 model year, Corvette Engineers integrated a redesigned supercharger for the the LT4 engine as well as a slightly higher hood in order to try and extract more heat from the Z06's engine bay and alleviate some of the issues that on-track drivers were experiencing.

While complaints of overheating seemed to subside somewhat compared to the earlier years, some owners still complained of their Z06 Corvettes going into limp-home-mode in the middle of the track on a hot day.

Thanks to Callaway Cars of Old Lyme, Connecticut, Z06 owners now have a proven solution to overheating.

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