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Grand Sport Kit or not?

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Apr 21, 2017
Hello everyone!
To start off I'm not really the car enthusiast so if you could please keep the car jargon to a min unless you explain it I would appreciate it :D

I am looking to surprise my boyfriend with getting the exhaust he wants and I'm trying to research if the kit is really worth it.

He has a 2011 C6 Corvette Grand Sport and wants the Loudmouth 32000 exhaust kit.

Would it be worth to just spend the money on the kit or is there a cheaper way?

Could we just get the resonators, swap them and get rid of the mufflers on the stock exhaust? My concern with this option is performance and the issue of popping or cracking in the exhaust.


Sep 24, 2004
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First off, WELCOME to CAC. :w That's pretty cool for you to do that for your boy friend. I'm sure he will appreciate it. Not sure exactly what you mean by "kit". Generally exhausts for our C6s are either "full", meaning they completely replace the exhaust from the engine back, generally headers pipes and mufflers. They also sell "Cat back" meaning all the pipes behind the catalytic convertors are included, keeping the original exhaust manifolds and 'cats'. The other option is "axle back" which is just the pipes that go over the rear axle, and then the mufflers. Each one has different costs "over axle " types are the least expensive. "Cat-back" more money and then the "full exhaust" the most money.

I see where the exhaust you are looking at is available as an "axle back" for around $700. I have the Borla "axle back" on mine and it's plenty loud. I hope he has ridden in a Corvette with that particular exhaust. Listening to it on the inside of the car is important. Some (most) create a bad "drone" inside the car that makes riding in the car for long periods of time almost painful. Just a word of caution.

Glad to have you here, if you have questions, ask away.

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C6 Grand Sports have no "resonators".

Indeed, you can remove the mufflers, but trust me, the noise level in the car on the highway will have your breaking up with the guy:cry in short order.

As for the "Loudmouth 32000 Exhaust Kit, I am not familiar with that specific system but just looking at imagery on the web, I'll bet its plenty loud. Know this in general about aftermarket exhausts...some actually improve performance but, no matter what the system, if you get a 15-hp boost that would be freakin' incredible. Some aftermarket systems are quite noisy–though not as noisy as just cutting the muffler off. A noisy exhaust might be ok around town or for brief highway trips, but some aftermarket systems "drone" very loudly at low rpm cruising speeds and, during a long trip, that noise becomes really obnoxious.:mad

One trick might be to swap the mufflers on the car now for mufflers off a 2012 or 2013. The 12/13s have four-cat exhausts and GM reduced the restriction in the mufflers because the extra set of cats provided some of the noise attenuation.

If you still want to go aftermarket, put on that Loudmouth and see what happens.

Lastly, you didn't say whether or not this GS has the optional dual mode exhaust. If you put on the Loudmouth, you'll eliminate that feature so the car will be loud all the time and even louder when your BF really gets on it.

For the record, on my 2012 Z06, I backdated the mid-section to the two-cat system, then kept my 2012 mufflers. I also modified the exhaust bypasses by hanging the valves open ¼-5/16-in. That gave me a little louder exhaust when the bypasses are closed and a lot louder when they are open. I also gained 8-hp.

Hope that helps.

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