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kuhmo tire results



I did put the Kumho run flats on and took them on a trip to Maine from NJ that went about 1,800 miles over three days.

Generally, they are a decided improvement over the OEM Goodyears, all of that twitchy annoying jiggling is muted by round shoulder of the tire. For my needs which are not "pure performance", this is a plus since with the Goodyears, any road imperfection sent it off on a slight "vector" and I can actually relax a bit and not have to stay "right on top" of the car. This is essential on extended trips where you are putting on over 500 miles a day and that was the biggest reason I had never taken the car on the run up to my kids school in Maine. Sometimes, I do an "up & back" that is 1.020 miles in one day.

Noise. They are quieter at lower speeds in the 50 to 70 range and that is a plus, but at highway speeds they were pretty noisy. In all fairness, I do have some hearing problems and the noise of the tires may just not effect all people the same way. Deafness is a joy and a curse and I think I just may be picking up the tire humm more than most folks. I didn't use the radio much at all on the Interstates because of that.

High speeds? The NYSP, Mass SP, CTSP were quite active, there was only one brief shot into the three digit zone after a guy in a Nissan "Z" went bye me at over a "buck twenty" ... he was good bait but I wasn't going to push my luck.

Adhesion? They held quite well on a spirited drive up Caddilac Mountain in Acadia National Park. PS, this is not a good place to test the true limits of the tires, no guide rails and 100' drop off's .... so .. call me chicken if you will but .. :chuckle

My 16 year old, coming to the end of his learners permit thought they were better than the OEM's.


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I don't think I have ever heard anything bad about Kuhmos, I put Avons on mine this last tire change and really like them. The only reason I used Avons was sentiment (had many Avons on old bikes) since they were rated just slightly above the Kuhmos and only $5.00 more at Tire Rack. I used non runflats

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