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Help! Labor cost for replacing fuel injectors


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Jul 18, 2009
1991 White Coupe
I recently replaced the intake manifold gasket on my son's 1991 Corvette. While it was apart we also took the radiator out and cleaned it since it was overheating during the summer when at idle. We spent a good deal of time cleaning the engine bay as well. Unfortunately, it sat in my shop for about 8 months because my son is a college student and had very little time to work on it with me. I also replaced the injectors with Bosch IIIs. We had previously replaced them about five years ago and Jon at FIC graciously swapped those for some new ones since he had since changed the o-ring setup on them due to some leaks. We finished it about three weeks ago and, after timing it, it ran well for about two weeks. The only issue was some lifter noise which was likely due to the hydraulic lifters leaking down over such a long time. After running it for a while those eventually quietened down.

About a week ago, my son was idling in a drive-thru when he said it began to idle roughly, thick white smoke began to come from the exhaust and it reeked of gasoline. He drove it to his apartment and has not moved it since. He did pull 6 of the 8 spark plugs (the front 2 on the passenger side proved to difficult for him) and there was gas on the two middle ones from the driver's side. I was afraid that sitting for that long would allow something bad to get into the injectors but I was thinking clogged injectors, not stuck open injectors. He now has quite a puddle under the car that appears to be running out of the crankcase. There are no visible leaks on the top end of the engine so I am assuming injectors stuck open. He had just filled the tank so it has been siphoning the tank.

Since the car is not near my house, I will likely have to have a local shop replace the injectors, flush the fuel system, replace the fuel filter and changed the oil. Does anyone have any idea how much the labor cost would be at a non-dealer shop to change the injectors? I checked several of the automotive repair estimators and they all said a little under two hours for the injector swap. That sounds low to me but I am not a trained mechanic, just an occasional weekend wrench turner.

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