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Leather seat Care



What can anyone suggest to maintain my leather seats
I am not sure but am leaning towards saddle soap
I use Doc Bailey's leather treatments on all my vehicles, great results and protection.
I use Meguiar's Gold Class leather cleaner (the cream stuff, not the wipes) with good results.
I use Zaino leather cleaner and conditioner, and I've been very pleased with it. However, Zaino products are a little hard to find.

A reasonable alternative is Lexol cleaner and conditioner for leather, which you can get at any Ace Hardware store. It works well, the only downside is how long it takes to dry.

I'm moving this to the Care & Detailing section where it may get more exposure.

For seats that are very dry and hard, I'd put leatherique rejunvinator oil on them. That stuff is amazing at how it will bring back the leather to it's supple feel. But I love the way the Zaino makes the interior smell like new.
Zaino Here.....

I wouldn't use saddle soap for several reasons. Meguiars is good as several posts have mentioned. I have used Zaino on two corvettes now with outstanding results. The new leather smell is intoxicating. I use it every month or so. You have to buy it online but you can get their other products at the same time. I have the leather cleaner too but don't seem to use it much as the seats are always clean anyway. Maybe lots of top-down, convertable miles would call for cleaner but I rarely even roll my windows down.

How about it DeWayne, do you ever use a cleaner ahead of the Meg. Gold Class?
Your ALL Wrong!

I got to this thread somewhat late, {a month+} but the information in treating leather seats is to use "Lemon Pledge"....You cant beat it, its the best product for leather regardless if the car smells of a dining room table........I wonder how many will use it?
Leather seat care

Thank you all for your opinions and advice, I am tring Meg.gold with awsome results
Thank you all for your opinions and advice, I am tring Meg.gold with awsome results

I didn`t know they were involved in making leather seats for Corvettes....it must be a new and exciting adventure for them.....:cool
Well. I'm 4 years late to the 'leather interior regime' party, but I finally made it! I'm shopping and researching the different leather cleaners and conditioners on the market for use in the Suburban (beige interior) and the C5 (black interior).

I'm considering the Meguiars Gold Class Rich Leather Cleaner and Conditioner ($7), Zaino's Z-9 ($9) and Z-10 ($11), Griots Garage Leather Care ($15) with the Rejuvenator ($15), and the Lexol Spray Pack Bundle ($24)

I'm not a fan of the Turtle Wax brand anything, or Armor All, or the Blue Magic.

Just thought I'd get an updated perspective from anyone willing to share. Thanks! :thumb
I use C Magic from the Corvette Museum Store. I apply it liberally using rubber gloves to spread it over the surface. I let it soak in about five to ten minute and wipe off the excess. The final step is buffing with a clean cloth. I have done this several times on my 2012, and it has actually softened the hard surface cheapo seat leather into something approaching plush and comfortable. It won't soften the seats into glove leather, but makes it much more plyable.
I washed and waxed my 2019 Stingray Convertible. The Corvette is low to the ground so it was a good work out for an old Goat like me. Used a leather cleaner I bought from the store at the National Corvette Museum on the leather seats. Worked great. Boy the last post here was 9/19/13. Where is every one.
Things have been slow here for a while.

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