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Leather Seat Cushion Removal



I'd like to swap seat cushions in my 87 from left to right to extend the life of the leather surfaces. I know the bottom cushions are a snap to remove. I'm not so sure about the uppers... Can anybody explain to me how to remove the upper seat cushions?


The seat back has 4 hooks that go toward the middle, the cushion has a round bar on both sides that ride in the hook. gently pry up the side of the cushion and push in towards the middle and once you get one side unhooked just pull the cushion towards you. I will warn you..they are a bear to get back in place.
I fashioned a bar with a split "vee" at the end to ride on the bar. Kinda like a jimmy for the door lock. Then I just pushed it in till I met the bar..raised up one side of it and pushed further and unhooked the cushion. It was even more helpful when trying to rehook the cushion.

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