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Left front sensor for ABS




Anyone have a Service ABS light go off on their C5. I have a intermitant problem with it going off. The DTC code says its the Front Left Sensor for the ABS...Buy why intermitantly????

On another note. My parking brake won't set. I tried taking the button with wire assembly out and doesnt seem to operate properly. GM wants 200 dollars for a new brake assembly. Also, My parking brake when i do goto use it barely does anything at all. IE no real brake action. Do i need new pads?????

Thanks for any all help.....JAM

Hi there,
I would NOT buy the sensors here. I would think that your code is a c1225, and if this is the case, you would probably be better off picking up the wheel speed sensor harness for that wheel. Left and right front are the same, and I have replace a good amount of them.
Basically, your right, an intermittant occurance would be due to the fact that when the harness flexes a certain amount, it shows infinate resistance, therefore, the signal cannot get through, hence, the code.
As for the rear ebrake assembly, do you hear a ratcheting type noise when you attempt to use the emergency, and it just doesnt hold, or does it not even lock???
I would say that either your leather handle boot for the lever is getting in the way of the self adjuster, or the rear shoes are simply out of adjustment, which you will have to adjust by taking the rear calipers, and rotors off to adjust them.
Please let us know what you have, c4c5

You are correct. The code I'm getting is the C1225. The problem as mentioned is real sporatic. In fact It first occured after i drove the car rather hard (accel. hard and fast corners). I don't know if this relates at all to the harness flex problem. At any rate I will replace that harness thank you.

As far as the rear brake problem goes. Yes I do hear a rachety type noise. When i pull up on the brake it doesnt quite sound right. The brake won't lock into place. I removed the center console and the button with wire attach. assembly. After bending the wire to catch the bottom nut and reattaching it started catching. However after about 20 uses to button poped back out thus the same problem. Is there a screw or clamp that is supposed to secure the button/wire assembly to the bottom nut that 'locks' the mechanism into place? This center assembly just poped out after numerous tries. I tried ordering the button/wire assembly but GM only sells the WHOLE parking brake assembly...ie 200 dollars... :eek

Also the brake itself does provide minimal braking power but not what it should. I will adjust them using the service manuals.

Thanks so much for your time and info. I have read your other posts and you really provide quite a bit of very useful information.

Thanks again......JAM

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