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left wheel vibrating



Any body have any sugestions on how i can stop my front driver side wheel from vibrating, when at about 80 km/h the wheel starts to vibrate i think up and down and the steering wheel vibrates also.

Also if i hit a bump with the driver side front wheel the car seems to swerve to the right and back to the left almost like its gonna go flying off the road, pretty scary when your doing 100mph or something.

Thanks for the reply


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Oct 12, 2000
Amarillo, TX
1981 UL5

Well there are several things that could cause your driver side front wheel to "vibrate".

Since both front wheels don't do the hula together, and it seems isolated to the one wheel it most likely is balance. When was the last time you had the wheels speed balanced? Another possiblility could be worn shocks. I would rotate your tire from the front to the back and see if the problem follows the tire. If it does most likely it is wheel out of balance. If it doesn't you might want to check your shocks for signs of leaks or bounce back dampening.

Just as a precaution check all your lug nuts for tightness too. If the problem persists, it could be ball joints, I doubt it would be the idler arm if only one tire "vibrates"..

Rotate your tire see what happens, while you have the tire off check your shocks too.

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All of what Bud said, check your wheel bearings too! The fronts are cheap and pretty easy to replace yourself.

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