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Question: Lionel Corvette Train


Nov 17, 2009
1962 BLACK, 2011 Grand Sport Coupe
Hi Guys, I just bought a Lionel Corvette Train Set made in 1999. I have never seen or read about this set and happened to just find it on Ebay, by accident. After some deal making, it became mine. I was wondering if anyone out there knows anything about this like, was it a GM promotion in conjunction with Lionel or whatever reason there might have been for them to produce this. Believe me, there doesn't seem to be a lot of information out there on this so, I'd like to hear from anyone, if they can shed some informative light on this subject. Lionel's set number is 6-11984, it consists of a GP-7 locomotive, two red flat cars, each with two corvette cars loaded on them and a porthole caboose. It also came with four small billboards each having the year of the car on them. Thanks for any help.

I collect Corvette promotional models. All the car companies used to have plastic models of all their cars. In the 1950s the car companies,General Motors, Ford and Chrysler would have plastic models of all their cars and with the available colors. I think the newest Corvette model I have is a 2009 model. I have a freind who must have hundreds of them from the 50s to 2000s. I have 2 1992 Ford Pickup promotional models also. Too bad they quite making them...
I was just wondering if any one out there ever collected promotional Corvette models?

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