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Lokar shifter mount question


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Jan 28, 2005
Lexington, NC
62 Conversion Car, Pewter 98, 59 Project
From initial measurements on my 59 project (big block with 4L80E transmission) I believe I can use a Lokar tail mount shifter and it should come very close to being in the original shifter location.

I know from past posts that several members of this forum have installed Lokar floor mount shifters in their cars and I would like to ask why that mounting system was chosen. I would think that mounting the shifter to the transmission (if possible) would be more desirable because there would be no chance of movement between the shifter and the transmission; however, the floor mount would undoubtedly transmit less heat up through shifter. In either case I would appreciate any other opinions on this subject.

Here is how I did mine.


I cut out a large opening in the top of the tunnel to allow the shifter to be centered in front of the console. I then mounted a piece of 3/16" aluminum plate to the underside of the opening with countersunk machine screws and self-locking nuts, to give a nice, solid platform to mount the shifter to. I mounted the shifter to the plate with the supplied mount tabs and 5/16" countersunk bolts with self-locking nuts. I then screwed down another aluminum plate to bring the finish level up even with the existing tunnel and mounted it with countersunk machine screws which were tapped in to the lower mounting plate.
The billet aluminum bezel will also mount with machine screws tapped in to the lower mounting plate. The slot you see to the left is to clear the LED gear position indicator that mounts in the bezel. The only reason for the top plate is to level out the surfface under the bezel, so there is not a dip in the carpet. A lot more work than using a tail-mount shifter, but I am very happy with the location, and would do this again.

Regards, John McGraw

I chose the tail mount for simplicity of the actuator rods. I will post photos tonight for you.I am running a 700R4 (not sure of the length of your trans compaired to mine) but I love the location the shifter lands in,Almost like is was meant to be. I keep forgetting what frame you have.I have a SR111 frame and the motor was set as far back as possible.

I am not sure if the trans mounted one will add more heat to the cock pit area as compaired to the floor mount. (unless you are concerned with the conductive heat witch I never gave any thought till,untill just now) So as a person who understands heat transfer I guess I should have gone with the floor mount style

Good luck
I am at your service if you need some photos or to speak on the phone.
Thanks John and Larry for the replies. One other question - does the Lokar kit come with a lever arm that mounts to the splined shaft (at least the one on my transmission is splined) on the transmission?


I just got a shifter for my 58 from Lokar. It turns out they are "down the street" from where I live in Knoxville. I drove over and had a talk with one of their technical support guys and found out something interesting. If you send them dimensions they will build a shifter that places the handle wherever you want. In my case it had to move left and back from their normal tailmount centerline position to hit the original shifter hole in my tunnel.

Give them a call and they will answer any questions (very nice guys).

Here is who I talked to,

(865) 966-2269
ext. 8900
Ask for Denver

or tech@lokar.com

hope it goes well,

Thanks for the information. I was just about to order a tail mount for my 59. Did you special order the shifter for your 58? How much more was it to have the shifter location changed?

Dave welcome to the C.A.C.

A couple of our forum members are building C1 projects,A couple of stock ones and a couple of modified ones.

How about letting us know what your building.(picture are allways welcome)

I am building a 62 with a big block in it with a SR111 tube frame in it.

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