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Looking for a glove box



I am trying to purchase a glove box for my 79 vette. I have checked Ecklers, Mid-America, and Zip. Zip was the only one who had it in the catalog but i just got an email that it was discontinued. Does anybody know of anyone who sells it and the striker that goes with it.


Have you tried the corvette bone yards?
I use them to find the out of production parts.
I just happen to have all my catalogs here in a pile, because I'm working on an order myself :).

You might want to try Chicago Corvette (their last catalog that I have had glove box parts in it) - their phone number is 800-872-2446.

Another one is Paragon Reproductions at 800-882-4688.

Good luck!
Barb :w
Do you need a box or the door........I have both, somewhere. E-mail me and I'll look for it. Oh, and if they say they are no onger available, I can give you "special" pricing, right????:cool ...................Steve

Whats up steve, I emailed you on that glove box. Didn't get a reply. I need the box and the striker (the latch) that goes with it.

the door is fine. just stays open all the time. I could easlity get a string and tie it up but don't want to do that. Its actually kind of a hazard for the passenger, if something were to happen.


p.s. thanks bob, i saw that to, emailed the person but didn't respond to questions clearly so dont want to do buisness with him.

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