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looking for an original 8 trackplayer for my 79 Vette



Hi any ideas were to find one or what make they were? did it say Corvette on them?
No 8-track player here, but I got the tapes. I think these were left over from either my father's Duster or my uncle's Chevy. I think there's an Elvis and Santana with the other 20 or so.

Me too.....

I am also looking for a orginal AM/FM Cassette Radio for my '79 Vette. Does anyone have one or least a PIC of what one looks like?


I think they only had Am Fm or Am Fm 8tracks and CBs in 79 but I could be wrong it has happened before:)

Did your glovebox have the slots to hold the 8-track tapes. Mine does, but I put 8-track tapes in the slots and also cassette tapes and I thought the cassettes fit just as good?

I know the AM/FM CB Radio was a option.

Can someone chime in here and let us know. I did see a original AM/FM Radio with CB For Sale on Ebay the other day. The owner did say it was out of a '79 Corvette.

Ho ho ho!!
have I got a deal for the 8-track lover wanna-be!!! I have to dig around in my attic, but somewhere I have an 8-track recorder! I never used it for perhaps 15 years, but it worked back then. (As a kid, I recorded the original Star Wars soundtrack onto 8-track.) Just think, you could make 8-tracks of current CD's! (of course, it would be analog quality after all).

I'll dig in my attic this weekend, and if Radio Shack has a blank tape, I'll try it out. If it works, I'll post it. Lemme know if you may be interested. Otherwise, I'm sure someone else here may want to buy it. I haven't thought of a price yet, but it would not be more than $25, including shipping)
Nope...I'm afraid that it was another casualty in the divorce. But, the 8 track idea is pretty cool. Even if it was there 'for show'. I wonder if you could hook up a CD changer to it? :)
billagroom said:
Hi any ideas were to find one or what make they were? did it say Corvette on them?

Hey Bill do I have good news for you ;) I happen to know someone here in California that has one from a 78.. I'll pm you their email ;)


I would be interested in a orginal AM/FM Radio 8-track from your buddy if Billagroom passes on it.


Greekman you be next on the list ;) I sent Bill a message with the email of the people that have the 78 8-track, guess now we just wait and see what happens :eek ;)

THANKS BUD The E is in the mail I will let you know how it goes.
No answer Bud any one else know where I can get a stock 8 track?:J
Weren't those just a corperate radio? If so aren't there any late 70s gm's left in the bone yards up there.If not let me know and I'll check around here for you.
8 track

Not sure if this will help. My first vette was a 79. The previous owner had installed an after market AM/FM cassette in it. I didn't like it so I went to the local junk yard and found I believe it was a 1981 Delta 88 that had the original am/fm stero still in it . Fit perfect right down to the connector. If you strike out it might be worth a try, my guess is most GM cars from that era shared a lot of parts

good luck

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