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looking for new tires



Got ready to replace my tires on my 77 and cant find any H rated or above. Got some old Yokohamas on it but I guess they don't make them anymore in my size. 255/60/15. Anybody know of some good high speed skins?
I use BF Goodrich on almost everything. They make a great tire with good tread wear, and a variety of speed ratings. Plus, they usually have a very competitive price.
I've been very pleased with the BFG Radial T/A's that went on this spring. The price was right too.
I too was looking at tires recently and also found that there are not many tires left to fit our stock rims. Certainly not any speed rated tires. I think the highest speed rating I found was a "T". I currently have BFG T/As on my vette and they do hold the road well. Unless you are really pushing the envelope, S rated tires should perform well. Heck, most of our old supensions could not handle anymore than the S rated tires anyway.


envelope pushing

From time to time I do push the envelope. I try to keep primo rubber between me and the asphalt as I don't want to be picking little pieces of fiberglass from my posterier. It appears that 15s are pretty much a thing of the past. I may have to buy new wheels to get the upper speed rated tires. That hurts since my wheels have only seen one set of tires. Such is life.
Sold my BFG's and wheels on ebay and bought 16's and was out of pocket about $250.
The change in handling was incredible.
I can feel the bullets from the NCRS people now.
redmist said:
I can feel the bullets from the NCRS people now.
Yeah but w/ 420hp and new tires the bullets will never touch you.:r :L

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