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Looking for the best way to run Oil Cooler lines 'underneath' the car.



Ive heard of folks running copper tubing and high pressure rubber hoses. Also like to know the best way to route them on a 1970 BB with Headers - not much room under there and dont want to get the lines too close to the very hot Headers. Has anyone done this before ? Or, have you any good ideas for me ? Thanks.,

A similar question was asked ths morning on the Vettenet.

If you're using an oil cooler up in front of the radiator, the best way to plumb that is with braided, stainless-steel covered hoses with AN-type compression fittings. For a BB, you'd probably want AN-10 lines and fittings. I've used nothing but Aeroquip in every cooler installation I've ever done, mainly because it's a high-quality product with which I've never had any trouble with leaks. On V8s, I've used -10 lines and on V6es, I've used -12 lines.

I would certainly not use "rubber hoses" as they're not reliable for engine oil coolers and I wouldn't use copper. If you want hard lines, use either aluminum or steel.

Where the hoses run close to header tubes, use a heat-resistant covering. Aeroquip makes such a product. Presumably, there are other companies that do, as well.

It was I, that asked you a simular question on Vette Net this afternoon. Id like to know how you ran the lines on the BBFH - i read the article in BBFH but was wondering if you could be very specific in how you ran the lines underneath. Perhaps you should respond to that question on the Vette Net. Thanks,

Hib Halverson said:

If you want hard lines, use either aluminum or steel.

Even Aluminum lines are soft and prone to stress cracks and puncture. Best bet is to use either braided w/AN fittings or stainless, or Bundy..

I would run the lines along the frame, up to the firewall and around and down to the pan. .

I mounted an oil cooler on my buddies 69 road race vette. No big block, but he does have a 460 hsp stroked small block with side pipe headers.

I used a variety of adapters to get out from the oil filter adapter to just behind the motor mount. From there I routed out with high pressure (NAPA) rubber lines. It goes up over the cross member on the inside of the upper left control arm. From there they route out through the opening in the driver side of the core support and fender.

So far, no problems.

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