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Looking for yellow nose


SoCal C5

I am looking for a factory painted M'Yellow nose (bumper cover). If anyone has one to sell please post or e-mail me. Also if any one knows of a good Corvette junk dealer please let me know.

SoCal C5

ZR100060 said:
Why don't you have yours painted?

I had it painted but it does not match. The shop admits it does not match but they say they can not do any better. They say the only way to make it look like it matches is to blend the paint on to the adjoining panels (not something I what done).

People say that even factory paint varies but I like my chances better with factory paint. The bumpers and the body panels are painted on separate lines in Bowling Green, the Mirrors are painted in a different factory all together, as are the body side moldings; yet those parts all seem to match perfectly. Given that I figure a factory painted bumper cover will be a better match than what I have got.

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