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Lowering a '68-'72?


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Dec 7, 2001
San Bruno, CA US
1970 LT-1, Cortez Silver w/Black Leather
Lowering the rear of my '70 is a cinch, but can anybody tell me if there is a preferred method for lowering the front? Thanks
Welcome aboard

The easiest, lowest cost and simplest way would be with custom coil springs. I'm doing the same thing right now on a non Corvette. You won't have any geometry problems if you only go a couple inches and that should tuck the tires up into the wheel wells nicely. Check with Guldstrand and others that offer suspension packages for the Corvette. Often a performance spring will be shorter to begin with.

Thanks Tom,
Yeah, I've used shorter springs on other cars before, but wondered if there was a "trick" for a Vette out there I might have missed.
Welcome Carnalsupply, to the CACC. That's one beautiful Corvette, man. It nearly brought me to tears. Simply wonderful! :D On the lowering issue, did all early Sharks come with the 10 coil spring? I'm not with my '71 right now, so if anyone knows off hand, please share. I know that alot of the aftermarket companies sell the 7 coil spring as a better replacement. Thanks. --Bullitt
Hey Bullitt,
By the description of your '71, it's no slouch either :)
What it looks like is (as I've been preaching to some of my other Corvette club members) our Corvettes are nothing more than your standard Chevy dressed in Fiberglass clothing! So all the same front end stuff I learned on Chevelles etc. over the years will all apply.
Try Guldstrand to see if they have what you desire. ;)
"Available in custom lengths at no extra charge."

"Coils are supplied long so the customer may tailor ride height."

_ken :w

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