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LS-1/T-56 and camero suspension in C1



I am currently doing a frame off restoration on a 59 Vette. I am leaving the car stock in appearence. But want to put a late model LS1 motor out of a 98 Camero in my 59. Due to the fact that the stock frame has rotted beyond repair, Can i take the front half of a Camero frame (98-01) with the LS1 and suspension and incorprate a cutom tube frame after the camero front half on the Vette. I would also like to run camero suspension in the rear. My question is, is any of this possible, what kind of work needs to be done, and has anybody done anything similar with thier vette.
Brian, With a big enough cutting torch and welder, anything is possible. However, if you are going to go to all the trouble of making a tube frame from the fire wall back, why not do a complete tube frame. Then you can put anykind of suspension you want, like wildwood. All componants are available, like A frames, spindles, brakes, etc. And if you do this you may be able to retain the old steering colunm and box (they really didn't drive that bad) and this would complete your stock, otherwise look..................Steve


You would have to measure the tread width. You might end up with the wheels sticking outside the front fenders. Camaros were wide. I can' t recommend cutting a frame like this. Somehow I just don't think that the end result will be what you are seeking. As I see it your options are:

1) Locate a good original frame and build on it.

2) Buy a new original spec frame from the aftermarket.

3) Use a custom full tubular frame that mounts all '84 and newer suspension components.

I saw the tube frame displayed at Bloomington and another one with a repop '57 body on it. This frame is a thing of beauty and what a hot C1 it would make. Chicago Corvette Supply has them in their catalog and I think Corvette Central also. I'm not sure of the company that had them at Bloomington. I failed to get info. Chicago Corvette Supply also lists complete frames and repair sections for original frames.Hope this helps (or confuses) some


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