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LT1 Hood Stripes



I recently purchased a much wanted, 70 LT1. I'll have a ton of questions in the future, I'm sure. I know the Corvette Forum is a much more active place and there are some familiar names here from there. Since I have an LT1, I thought I would deal more directly with the same type of car owner on this forum.

Anyway, thanks in advance for any helpful info.

Where is the "best" place to purchase the "correct" hood stripes kit for these cars. In 1970, I understand there were two different sizes depending on VIN. I believe my car would fall under the first design type, the 1/8" and 1/4" stripes.
I think they are supposed to be painted on (not a sticker kit), and would like to do it once, the right way with the right size stripes.

Thanks. Happy Veteran's Day to ALL Veterans..........
Congrats on your purchase. This is a pretty good place for LT-1 specific information. However, I don't know the answer to your question, but I'm sure someone will. If not, try the ncrs site. They're usually pretty good for restoration type questions.
not sure if this is accurate but my information is that they were decals put on by the dealer-and they often did a poor job of it. when i asked a body shop guy about the somewhat shoddy appearance of them, he said that he has had people request that he not make them perfect-and instead mess them up a bit, for ncrs judging-an appropriation of how the stripes actually looked when the car was first delivered. wow, hard to believe.
The stripes were painted and as said before were not perfect from the factory. Due to differences in masking the 70 stripe came to a point as opposed to the 71 and 72 stripes which were more rounded.
woodhouse said:
not sure if this is accurate but my information is that they were decals put on by the dealer-and they often did a poor job of it. when i asked a body shop guy about the somewhat shoddy appearance of them, he said that he has had people request that he not make them perfect-and instead mess them up a bit, for ncrs judging-an appropriation of how the stripes actually looked when the car was first delivered. wow, hard to believe.
WOW! Hard to believe is right. I have a '71 that underwent a complete frame-off resto, and when the stripes were applied they were placed on under the clear coat. The hood has one nice smooth finish where the stripes are, but the LT-1 decals were put on after the clear coat.

The decals can be purchased from several aftermarket dealers such as Eckler's, mid-america, etc, but I've never heard of the decals coming in different sizes, and I believe there were only two color choices, black and white (and not everyone carries black). This doesn't mean they didn't come in two sizes, it's just news to me. Also, I've only seen the black decals on "Nevada Silver," and "Steel Cities Gray" cars.

Thanks for your info. I know the NCRS site is filled with Pros who know every little detail. I didn't think this issue was too fussy, so thought I would try here first, other LT1 owners.
I'm not attempting to redo the car for Top Flight, but do want to make it a very nice driver. Engine, Tranny, Carb, it's all there as far as numbers. Some original items missing are Alternator, TI, and window dates aren't consistent, but I can live with that.
Anyway, appreciate the replys, I was looking for more of a "go-to" place as far as ordering the correct stencil for the stripes. Some aftermarket places are better for certain items, etc.

THANKS for the scoop on ZIP. I will check them out. I looked at NCRS site. Lots of info there on all cars. Is the site difficult to navigate around ?? It looks a bit confusing. I never posted there, but might have to in the future for tedious questions about the car I purchased. I am new to Corvette Forum and LT1 forum. Still learning about both sites......
Appreciate your time Rainman.
One other question.... I am guessing the clear coat is put on over the painted stripes, then what about the LT-1 decal.. ?? What is the sequence of event for the stripes and decal ?
Much thanks. Lots to learn.
My experience is that the NCRS site is difficult to navigate. Because of that I spend most of my time here or on the Corvette Forum. I guess what order to paint the stripes is up to you. The factory, obviously, didn't use clear coat, so the stripes were on top. My LT-1 has clearcoat with the stripes and decal on top. I think that it looks fine that way and it is similiar to a 70 LT-1 that I use to have that still had the factory original paint and stripes.
Can I say thanks anymore....:) Really do appreciate your responses and assistance. I looked at the ZIP site, looks like the correct kit. But, jeeeeeesh, no LT-1 decals with it !!! Oh well, let the $spending$ begin.
Why did you get rid of your 70 LT1 ?
I had a 70 and the 71 that I still have. The 70 needed a complete restoration to be nice. I didn't really have the money or time to do it correctly. I got an offer for it that I thought was more than fair so I decided to sale. Sometimes I wish I hadn't sold it, but what's done is done.
Why don't you get a 1970 Assembly Instruction Manual, the location and stripe dimensions are explicitly defined on one of the drawings back in the Options section. Besides, the AIM will be a valuable resource in the future. Mid America among others have copies available for sale.

Hello venms96,

Welcome to the LT-1 forum!

I purchased my stipe kit from Ecklers and it did include the decals. I'm also a NCRS member #27387 and have the 1970-72 Corvette Technical Information Manual and Judging Guide. On page 25 it has the information you need in regards to the correct decal and strips.

"Stripes are sprayed either black or white according to exterior color. Hood stripes for 1970 are in two different sizes at the front of the hood. One inner stripe is 1/4 inch wide with a 1/8 inch space between the inner and outer stripe. The outer stripe is 1/8 inch wide. The last un-equal hood stripe now known is on 1970 s/n 15,889 (July 18 build date). The first equal width hood stripe known is on 1970 s/n 16,448 (July 24 build date). From about this date through 1972, both inner and outer hood stripes are 1/8 inch wide with a 1/8 inch space between the two stripes."

1970 White Stripe
974 Monza Red
975 Marlboro Maroon
976 Mulsanne Blue
979 Bridgehampton Blue
982 Donnybrooke Green
992 Laguna Gray
993 Corvette Bronze

1970 Black Stripe
972 Classic White
984 Daytona Yellow
986 Cortez Silver

1971 White Stripe
973 Mille Miglia Red
976 Mulsanne Blue
979 Bridgehampton Blue
988 Steel Cities Gray
983 Brands Hatch Green

1971 Black Stripe
905 Nevada Silver
912 Sunflower Yellow
972 Classic White
987 Ontario Orange
989 War Bonnet Yellow

1972 White Stripe
945 Bryar Blue
946 Elkhart Green
973 Mille Miglia Red
979 Targa Blue
988 Steel Cities Gray

1972 Black Stripe
912 Sunflower Yellow
924 Pewter Silver
972 Classic White
987 Ontario Orange
989 War Bonnet Yellow

"Original LT1 hood stripes are not perfect, whether early or late style. Where the stripes curved in toward the center of the lower portion of the hood, they often did not align. In 1970 the hood stripes are made with a four-piece mask that has the stripes punched out. This resulted in a sharp point at the center of the hood that may be les than perfectly aligned. The 1971 and 1972 stripes are made with a three-piece mask, which resuled in a rounded point at the center of the hood. The slits that made up the stripes are not continuous. The mask is placed on the hood and the stripe to be painted is pulled up from the mask. Remnants of the portion of the mask that remains uncut can be seen at the edges of the stripes as small indentations in the painted stripe. The sections of mask did not align perfectly, ususlly resuting in definite break marks."

They then have a couple a couple illustrations showing the mask mis-match and evidence of perforations.

Then on page 43 they give the following information on the decal.

"LT1 equipped cars have "LT-1" decals between the striping on both sides of the hood bulges. These decals have a white letter outline with a black border around each side of the white line. Early 1970s up to s/n 9590 have a silver background outlined in black. All other LT1s have a white background outlined in black."

If I remember correctly my copy of the 1971 Corvette Assembly Manual (AIM) has the dimensions for both the hood stripes and the location of the decal. I hope this info helps.

Save the wave,
Hey Bullshark,

I was just down in your neighborhood at the Westport Plaza for the NCCC governors meetings. I usually get down there 4 times a year and was wondering if you would like to meet for a beer next time I'm down there?

Thanks & 1970 Carpet question

Thanks for all the info. Two years ago, I purchased the 70-72 Technical Information and Judging Guide, Third Edition, so I do have that manual. I bought this manual in anticipation of purchasing a 70 LT1. I found my car a few weeks ago, so now it's time to put everything in motion. I've enjoyed reading the posts, and it's nice to have a separate LT1 forum, although it's not that active, it's nice that it exists. If I can't find answers here, I will log onto the NCRS site and try there. But I appreciate all the LT1 owners feedback.

Since you "squared me away" on the hood stripes and decal, I was wondering if anyone knew where to purchase the 70 carpet. In the manual, it shows the 70 heel pad being different than 71-72, which in those years the heel pad has a gap at the top below the stitching. 70 has no gap at top.

I am reaching out to you guys in case you already found out what company to order different items from. I didn't want to get on the phone trying to explain the gap at the top of the heel pad, etc. I don't know if they are on top of things like that....So, that's where I'm at, wondering where to get factory correct parts, etc.

If I can buy the correct items the first time around, that's what I'm shooting for. I didn't know how many aftermarket companys deal with the NCRS type of ordering. And because I haven't called Eckler's, ZIP, Corvette America, etc. I thought I would ask you first, to see where certain items should be bought. So, with all that said, I hope you get a clearer picture of why I am posting my questions. I'm not worrying about every nut and bolt being factory correct right now, but if I can order carpeting that does have the gap at the top, why not get as close to factory as possible....Hey Calvin, am I sounding more and more like an NCRS guy ? I better sign up !
Looking forward to the answers. Thanks.
Carpet follow-up.....

Corvette America's says " only carpet to meet NCRS specs". I looked at Ecklers and ZIP too. None of them show ( and didn't expect them to ) a close up of heel pad. Corvette America NCRS statement looks cool, but it also says fits 69-77 cars. If the 70 heel pad is different, then the 69-77 carpet wouldn't be that correct.

Oh well, just diggin around a little. I guess you can't have everything. I might as well order the 80/20 loop from one of them and see what happens. My bet is none of them have the exact 1970 heel pad on them.

Can you tell I have a day off with little to do........?

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