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luggage racks



I think it's time to replace my luggage rack as its looking poor. I know there are two choices chrome and stainless steel. I haven't looked at a stainless one and I guess never paid any attention to what was on other peoples cars.
My guess is the chrome one looks better and the stainless is probably not as bright, however will not rust.
My car lives in the garage and is only let out on nice days so rust should not be a problem.
Anyone have any problems or comments on either one ???

Rather replacing the one you have... have you considered having it re-chromed? It might be cheaper than a replacement and you would KNOW it would fit..

And, as you've said "My car lives in the garage and is only let out on nice days so rust should not be a problem".

Just a thought ;)

I have been fooling with motorcycles all my life and have come to the conclusion that all light duty parts it's usually cheaper to buy it new. Rechroming is ok for heavy expensive parts like m/c lower front end legs or say a corvette bumper. Most of the cost is labor for cleaning and polishing.
I don't think a chrome shop will clean and polish all the parts to a luggage rack for less than the the 169.00 a new one cost.
Your right about having it fit. There are at least two different bolt patterns for the rack for my car, which is a 6 post rack. I will measure it to make sure I order the right one.

I asked a guy at Carlisle that did chrome work about rechroming my luggage rack he said forget it,buy a new one.Greenhoe's Corvette seems to always have t top brackets.The phone #330-723-0899.They will be around $300.00.Sometimes you find them on Ebay. Chuck

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