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Just bought a Red 95 LT1 6 speed coupe on Ebay. Now its time to play. Put a K&N filter in already. I have read thru some posts about eliminating the screen inside the MAF. Sounds good, but what was the design intent of the screen from the factory?
Jim, the screen is designed to prevent any large particles from entering the MAF and possibly damaging the thin wire sensor that gives the signal. If you use an efficient air filter and all of the ductwork is intact, there really is no need for the screens. If you remove them, you gain so much (I forget exactly) cfm in air flow. I am not using screens in the new engine I'm building. Proceed at your own risk. ;)

_ken :w
Thanks for the MAF Info

Thanks Ken & JT I believe that answers my question, basically a debris gaurd for the MAF itself then. I have spotted a Hypertech power programmer on Ebay, are they in vouge or does everyone just use a reprogrammed processor?

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