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magnesium wheel repair help!


Sep 19, 2001
Westport, CT.
'70 LT1 conv't; '99 6-speed coupe
i'd like to have my 99 corvette's magnesium wheel repaired/refinished. i bought the car with 8,000 miles on it. the first owner chewed up the passenger front rim. not bent. just cosmetic damage.

i've been referred by a few folks to "wheels america". they promise to match the magnesium paint and finish...except for one thing: the yellow lettered word "magnesium" printed on the rim.

does anyone know if the word "magnesium" that's printed in yellow on the wheel is a sticker i can buy, or, painted directly onto the rim itself?

any information you can offer would be helpful. the dealers i've called do not know the answer.
thanks a lot,

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