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Magnetized oil drain plug


72 Bluz

Are these really effective? Makes sense to me, but would like to know from someone who has used them.

I don't have the plug, mines in the pan. I believe it is a must. They do a good job at trapping fine metal particles. We don't want those critters running around our tranny:(
I installed one awhile back, and I do believe they work. Last time I changed my oil, I found small metalic slivers on the magnet. Glad they are no longer in my engine. I even installed one on my wife's Volvo. Cheap $5.00 insurance.


I use them and the results are great. Everytime I've changed the oil, the amount of metal gets smaller so it is slowly cleaning it out. I also use the magnetic disc attached just behind the drain plug; I remove it before draining each time to let the trapped particles flow out. Whoever thought these up is a genius.
Check this out! MUST HAVE ITEMS magnetic drain plug from GM #23011420, gasket for drain plug#14090908, also get one of these trany magnetGM#8665830. MONEY WELL SPENT. enjoy
I also stick a magnet on my filter, too. You can use one that wraps around the oil filter and one on the bottom. If it gets past the plug, it won't be getting past the filter for sure. :)

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