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Mako Shark II Emblems & Scripts



EDIT: Delete Content

Mako Welcome to the Corvette Action Center Community...

I see this is your first visit to our Community, it sure isn't a great way to Welcome you by deleting your first post...

The indivdual selling this item has been advised or our Terms of Service as it pertains to selling items within our community. We reserve the right to protect the investment of our Participating Vendors and have guidelines setup for ALL vendors to particpate.

The person selling this item is NOT a supporting member nor a supporting vendor here.

We support our community via Supporting Memberships and by Vendors that PAY a fee to advertise and sell their products here. In fairness to all we WILL continue to enforce our Terms of Service and Policies for membership.

I hope you enjoy the rest of our Community. I agree those little Sharks do look Nice ;)

Bud Dougherty
Forums Administrator

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