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Manta Ray


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Nov 2, 2000
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These pics where taken at the ALMS race at Laguna Seca last year. My Dad was with me at the race and he thinks that since I'm wanting to build a 'Vette the Manta Ray would be a great canidate. I dont know... dosent look very driveable to me. Very beautiful though!

You bet!

Yes. The Manta Ray has a ZL1. I think they probably had a key to the ZL1 closet. I have seen this car before too. It is most amazing.

Looks very cool!

Its curves look exagerated, and is the top chopped?
*(exagerated, as in a design concept, not a critique)

Looks cool I wonder if they will have one on GT3:L
Re: You bet!

59Tom said:
Yes. The Manta Ray has a ZL1. I think they probably had a key to the ZL1 closet. I have seen this car before too. It is most amazing.


I knew you would have an answer Tom.:) Could this be the misterious 3rd ZL-1?


The top hasnt been copped, its just taking the fast back concept to extremes. And the fender risers are a lot higher than the production sharks. Durring the testing phase of the Manta Ray, Chevy discovered that the high risers inhibited the view, and the air flow over them made high speed driving dangerous. Which lead into the less exagerated curves that we all know and love. And fortunatlly the production cars had a more realistic rear window.


I doubt that this is the 3rd ZL1. Car pre-dates '68 production by a few years and the ZL1 was added around '69 or '70. I'll nose around and see if I can find out what it replaced. I'm thinking Weber carbed experimental small block. ZL1 pieces/parts and complete engines were available through GM parts as witnessed by their near total domination of Can Am racing. Used to be a lot of these blocks floating around in Hemmings and swap meets.

Do you remember the twin and 4 rotor Wankle Rotory mid engine
Corvette experimental cars? I have an old magazine with the whole scoop on them stored away. I may have to start digging in the archives if we keep talking about this stuff.

I'm doing all of my computer work at work now. My son, the computer genius, "upgraded" the home computer again and I can't say how many more days it will be before it works again.


About the Mako Shark engine. It was originally scheduled to have a 396 and the air cleaner cover had chrome letters saying Mark IV 396 on it. By the time things were getting together the new, for '66 production, 427 was available so it was changed to a 427 before it's introduction to the public in August '65. It had many unique features including retractable bumpers and spoilers and digital speedometer, fuel guage and clock. Very high tech for the time.

In '69 it was returned to GM styling for a freshening up and some additional custom work. That was when the ZL1 engine was installed, plus the appearance changes we are familiar with. It was then reintroduced as the Manta Ray.

This is great I love these little history lessons alaTom we need a new discussion thread area. History 101:cool

I know the Manta Ray is not the 3rd ZL-1 car. I just forgot to add the :eyerole at the end of the sentence.:D I have to agree with Billagroom that your history lessons are really cool.

I like the mirror position. To bad they didn't leave them ther on the production C3s. I could see something besides the rear fenders!! :J

I saw the Manta Ray at Carlisle last year and that thing is awesome. I wish the clamshell hood would have carried over to production in 68, I hate to think how many front fenders have suffered at the hands of some of those huge 70's belt buckles. Sad thing is that car has stress cracks all over, especially the back of the hood but it's still nice.

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