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"Mini" L-88 hood scoop glassed and painted



several months ago I talked about adding the L-88 small style hood scoop to accomadate the extra height needed for the victor intake/holley d.p. A few asked for pics when done, here are a few. (apologize for the hood not being latched, I was in a hurry, and did not even notice it):grinshot
That is sweet!

They did a good job glassing it on.

That is the first small L88 scoop I have seen. Does it clear your engine well?

Do you have an under hood shot? I would like to see how it fits in with the taller air cleaner assembly.

Looks nice.
i've thought about doing something like that. Not L88 style tho.

nice work.
Looks great !

Where did you locate that scoop ??
Wow, that looks really good. Definitely a high quality job. :D


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