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Minor Fixes



Ok, after looking at the 73' Vette.. I have noticed 2 things.

1. Driver's Side door lock.. I guess it is a little knob that locks and unlocks the car.. well it has came off I guess, and my uncle said he cannot get it on, and the guy that works on his car could not either. Has anyone else ran into this.. and if so how did ya fix this?

2. We have the original radio, but my uncle put in a cassette player, now.. I can leave it and it works fine, I mean since I have the original it is ok. But.. since the cassette player is computerized ... my uncle says it drains the battery if you don't drive it .. for lets say 2 weeks. Now I know there should be away to eliminate the draining of the battery. By either making it where it does not keep a memory of preset channels, cause who needs those anyways. Or.. just taking it out :)

all and all it is a nice car.. sounds nice, looks GREAT!..

Sounds like a nice Corvette. I think those lock knobs use the same clip as the window cranks on non-power window cars. It should just push on and snap in place.

You could get a battery tender. It is a small charger that only gives the battery just the charge it needs. It is used for storing cars and left on all the time. It won't overcharge or boil the battery.

I had a brand spankin new Sony Xplode CD player installed in my '78. Never had any problems with the radio killing the battery, and it would sit up to a month at a time while I was at sea. Have you checked the battery or alternator?

Another idea is to install a battery cutoff switch. It just installs on the positive terminal on your battery, and when ever you are going to leave the car for extended periods, just turn the knob on the switch and no more juice to the radio.

As for problem #1, I dont have a clue...:)

Dear clueless in Vancouver

I agree that the battery cut off switch would be the simplest fix. The '81 sits for many weeks between charges and it still cranks strong. Might be time for a new battery. How about one of those that only allow your radio and clock ect. to drain one cell? That way you can still have a strong start.


P.S. Sorry to hear that your Sony exploded. Hope nobody got hurt .:gap
Originally posted by 59 Tom
P.S. Sorry to hear that your Sony exploded. Hope nobody got hurt .:gap

Arent you the comedian!:L No one was hurt, just rattled the windows a little.:)


P.S. I just saw that "Clueless in Vancouver" crack. I'll have you know...:)
I couldn't resist it

:L :L :L :L

Hey,,, sears has a battery that has a thing for your key chain and you push this button and it creates a short between the battery and car,,allyou do is push it again and it creates the circuit again,,,it;s a good antitheft for car jackers and i think it would solve your battery drain problem
Hey,,, sears has a battery that has a thing for your key chain and you push this button and it creates a short between the battery and car,,allyou do is push it again and it creates the circuit again,,,it;s a good antitheft for car jackers and i think it would solve your battery drain problem

Brad, yes, the Die Hard Security battery would solve your problem, I happen to have installed one in my car this spring. I didn't have any draining problems I just wanted the security feature and the storage mode, but according to the literature it is supposed to shut the battery down if it senses a drain.

Good luck with both of your fixes!

Barb :w
thanks for all the feedback!

As soon as we make up our minds and get the corvette. I will try these things out.

I might as well put a cd player in it, cause I don't have any cassettes that I know of.. they are all in the attic in boxes :)
Cassettes vs CD's


When I bought my 86 coupe there was no radio in it. So I went to Circuit City because they had a free installation special promotion. I wanted a cassette / CD / radio..... they had only one that would fit the opening (Jensen) it was satistfactory so I bought it. It plays and sounds great!

The surprise is while they were installing it I was shopping for some new CD's and cassettes. Guess what, they don't sell cassettes anymore, only CD's. That's alright because I needed the cassette player for listening to our church music and messages.

I just checked..... Kmart and Walmart still sell cassettes but I guess the end is in sight (remember the 8 tracks)?

It sounds like you need a new battery....it should keep it's charge for months.
8 tracks

At one time we had 8 tracks in the '81 Corvette, '82 Cavalier, and the '77 Trans Am on my web page. All GM options. The '81 still has its 8-track and my wife has a bunch of tapes. Anytime you need more go to a garage sell. Way cheaper than CDs. I predict a comeback.


BTW I still have that Delco ETR 8-Track out of the Cavalier. It is that standard size they used in most everything GM in the 80s except Corvette. We only had it in there a little over a year so it is almost new. Anybody interested?
8tracks... lol :)

We have a lot of them in the attic also. I actually have a Harmon Kardon home stereo system with 8track :)

As for ya when we finally purchase this vehicle I will get a new battery, cause it sounds like it needs one. I might go and get a Alpine or Clarion cd player if I can find one that fits...

I just don't want to make it un original.. so I will keep all that I take out, just for keeps sake :)

Some of the Corvette catalogs have custom radios that are made for a specific Corvette and look like they belong there. Shop around.

My Uncle has this catalog from Chicago.. that has everything you can think of for corvettes.. any year.. any thing.

He paid $300 for the cassette player for the Corvette.. but if I am not mistaken it was 5 yrs ago when he did.. heh cause I would not pay that today! :)

The only reason he took out the original was that it only plays AM music not FM... I think that can be fixed.. if I decide to put the original back in :)

I know that original AM radios can be converted to AM/FM without altering their appearance. I wonder if one of these companys could adapt a remote cd player in similar fashion? That would be the hot setup today.

Good question..

I am going to make it a winter project to put in a cd player.. actually take out my Clarion out of my intrepid and put it in the corvette.. hopefully.. and then buy a new one with Mp3 compatibility for my intrepid :)

The Origina Radio.. does not work, or I was told it does not work, so I might take it apart and see if it is just not a resistor that went out.. or something else.

I already have to take apart my new somewhat 2 yr old new Sony Receiver, smelled like a burnt resistor last night, now it does not play lol.. good one :)
Radio draining the battery

I have a 73 with a electronic radio. I have no problems. You should be able to follow th hot wire and connect it to a fuse under the driver side dash that will shut the radio completely down when turned off at the switch. Also there should be another wire that allows for the electronic clock and presets to stay set.

If you do not have the wiring diagram for the radio go to the net and get diagram.

Originally posted by CSCARLSON
sears has a battery that has a thing for your key chain and you push this button and it creates a short between the battery and car

I hate to be picky, but I doubt the battery creates a short on purpose. More than likely, you mean an open circut. If the battery created a short, it would have no load, and in a few minutes it would heat up and explode:r

An open circut would stop the battery from being drained, essentially an internal battery cutoff switch.:)

driving music

Our 78 had already had its original radio taken out (gone) and modified the opening from a two knob to a flat face. Several years ago I replaced it with a removeable face Alpine am/fm tape player and matching speakers. I definitely wanted Alpine, and I definitely wanted tape...there were only 2 to choose from, the rest were cd players.

The reason I wanted this particular setup...I have been in friend's cars who have cd players, and their cds are usually TRASHED from trying to drive and insert or extract the cd from the player or its' case...with many spills to the floor in between and cds left loose to fend for themselves. I prefer my cds to stay in the house where they are treated very well. I can always buy blank tapes to record my music onto for listening while driving, and mix the songs however I like.

However, a cd changer can be managed in such a way that its operation is as safe as handling in the house. If you only keep the cd changer limit of cds in the car, and exchange the car/house cds, keeping the number at the car's limit, your cds can have a long happy life.

Happy tunes while driving!
On the CD player... My clarion that is in my car right now, has the Cnet feature which can have a add-on cd changer with (it says) up to 50 disc capability. Which would be good, cause behind the driver's seat is the battery and behind the passenger seat would be a good place to put this changer.. or a changer :)

I just have a problem of upgrading... to me if you upgrade stereos and speakers and stuff it kind of takes the originalness' of the corvette.. So whatever changes I make be it radio, speakers... seats. I am going to keep the original's just so I have them :)

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