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Nov 1, 2001
southern california
1982 convertible (not factory) stock 350cfi auto
was wondering what you all think about putting a set of heated power mirrors off like a 84-96 on my 82 .... and will they fit and will they look good ..... since my mirror motors are screwed up anyways I have been thinking about this swap

Being that I'm partial to 80's style C3 verts like yourself, stay with stock look. The late C3s are so pretty as is. Hard to make them look any better. Just my .02 worth.



WHAT PART OF CHARLOTTE ARE YOU FROM? I grew up in charlotte off freedom drive.
I don't think those C4 mirrors would fit due to the way they mount and conform to the C4 side window. How about a set from the C5?

I saw some of the c5 mirrors there pretty nice to ... what about hooking up the mirror heaters anyone know what would be involved in doing that and will my 82's mirror harness run the c5 mirrors my stock mirrors have 3 wires going to them

I live on the north side of town in Huntersville. I don't know how long its been since you were here, but Huntersville is now the fastest growing town in NC. I'm from Atlanta but really enjoy living in Charlotte. Not to crowded yet and lots of country roads to drive the vette on. I especially like driving in the mountains.


I didn't know it got cold down there in S.Cal:D

But seriously, leave em stock;)

believe me I wish I could leave it stock and have every weekend off .... but since I talked to maggie about heated mirrors do you honestly believe she doesn't want them since its her car (or so she thinks LOL) I will be nice and let her have the car the way she wants it, dont worry it still looks like a vette and have no fear it WON't be pink either

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