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It's just about time to do the Winter oil and filter change on the ole ZR-1 :)

Anyone have any pros or cons about using the Mobil 1 Oil Filter #M1-207 on a 1990 LT5 :confused:

I've been using the stock GM filter, but seeing that I'm using Mobil 1 oil, I assume that it would do a better job than the OEM!

I've been using the Mobil 1 filter on mine for a year now. Other than the color (white), I think it's an excellent filter and superior to the stock AC filter. Just my two cents.
Thanks Rob for the info. :)

Did you notice any increase or decrease in Cam Chain Rattle assuming your ZR-1 has it?
Honestly, I didn't notice any difference. Over the years, I've tried several different oils, filters, etc., in an attempt to minimize the CCT rattle....all to no avail. I've given up trying. I mainly use the Mobil 1 filter because of the reputation it has for good filtering qualities....I run Mobil 1 oil in the car.....use Mobil 1 gas if I can't find Sunoco 94 octane.....I'm a Mobil kinda guy. :)
Thanks Rob,
Seems we both think alike! :)
I'm going to give the Mobil 1 filter a try. I've been using the Mobil 1 oil since 1993.
The Sunoco 94 is all I run in the ZR-1 and the BSA.
Cliff and the ZR1 registry did a nice comparison of the oil filters with them all cut open for you to see. the stock and the mobil 1 looked like the best candidates. problem is the stock ones had RUST in them (no thanks!!!).

The chain rattle thing bugs me too. I am going to try to get the retro fit tensioners installed and hopefully solve this.

where do you guys buy the Mobil 1 filters, seems hard to find.

Around here, try Target and Trak Auto Parts. I was at Trak last Saturday in Sterling and I believe they had a couple of the Mobil 1 filters. They also had a couple of the stock black GM filters too!
I just picked up a couple from the Mobil 1 e-Store:

$9.99ea. Of course you will have to spring for the shipping! :(

They don't list the 1990 > 1992 LT5 engine on the oil filter finder, so you need to put in 1993 for the year and up pops the ZR-1 with a M1-207 as the filter to use.

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