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More water inside than out



Hey Guys,

I sent a question into the Z06 section about a leak in the back of my 03 Z aobut 2 weeks ago. I haven't heard anything about that one. My wife drove it in a pretty good afternoon storm and the "tirewell" in the back was about half full of water. She took the car in, the dealer said the bolts for the hatch hinge were leaking and put some sealer on them. When I bought the car the headliner and drivers door seal had to be replaced due to a leak there and water damage. Now my wife drove the car lst Thursday and an afternoon storm came up again. Now the mats and the carpet under the dash are all wet. She took it back to the dealer and they are pulling and resealing the windshield. I have looked around on this site and haven't seen very many leak complaints. Is this an isolated example, does this happen all the time? Hey thanks in advance for any help, and God Bless and keep you all. Also if I were home I could look at all these things myself 54 more days.
May 10, 2002
Boise, Idaho
2002 electron blue Z06
I have never heard of this, especially in the back. I have read of the air conditioning condensation drain getting plugged. This puts water in the passenger footwell. But what you describe is a different animal altogether.


Nope, it is on both sides in the front, drivers too according to the wife. I can only wish I was there to look at it. This Z had only 11,300 miles on it when I bought it in March. My 67 didn't leak this much. This will be my daily driver when I get back so it is going to get wet. I pray that the windsheild will fix it. At least the dealer is doing it on his dime, They say cause it must have been doing this when we bought it. We'll see


Hey 99WhiteC5Coupe, Thanks and thanks to DRTH VDR, The dealer says that the Windsheild seal was the problem. they replaced it and say that the leak is fixed. However the door seal that they replaced when I bought the car was now leaking too, when they checked the whole car for leaks. They told my wife the whole car does not now leak. She drove the car from the dealer to work where it sat for half a day in the rain and she said all is dry for now. I pray that this did fix it. Well thanks again and God Bless

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