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MSD Distributor and kit.. pics



Heres a link to some pics of a MSD probillet distributor and kit layout. Please be aware the pics are a bit hefty and the page may take awhile to open, Should have gotten the pics sized down more..sorry..let me know if its too much for your browser, and Ill size them down..



You have done your homework there. What a nice piece. It is such a work of art, it is almost a shame to shove it down in the engine and cover it with a cap. I think you have made a very wise choice. This should let you tune the stock style motor you have now, plus add flexibility for anything radical you drop in later.

Including the timing light, what kind of budget are you up to yet on this conversion? Are you going with the large mm plug wires and anything special with the plugs?
Thanks for the support:D Yep, in regards to the crate motor next year.
The 6a and probillet was $427 and change(hows that for a number) The timing light was around $100
a couple pesos for mounting hardware and there you have it.
By the way, My babies dont need new shoes , one is grown and off to college the other is grown and off to work. My wife is ex. my girlfriend doesnt require a mink, (just a ride in the car suits her). the 69 is a priority in my life and a large portion of my cash flow goes into her! I have another vehicle that Ive sunk alot into also, and got lots back out (in torque and horsepower:gap) My harley is maxed out now and I dont do anything but ride it :.
Thankfully my 69 is not a money pit, almost everything I put into her are progressive upgrades, not fixes out of desperation to keep her running, if you get my drift.
Your 69 looks like its going to roll out as a world class performed from my angle , by the way:upthumbs
Thanks again..

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