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My frame is JUNK what now???



I got to my total frame and it is junk just all rust ! I had put the tranny in the shop for a bench rebuild (& it looks and is in great shape) but now I dont have a frame to place the car on/ build it on . SO what the heck is next for me I am pressed on time stateside! I planed to be back down range next week with one form of a fixer uper I have now lost the 69 BB and my 77 frame is junk! .. Should I just find another frame and build from that or sell what I can for scrap ** Good clean bod and interior, good rear end, sprongs etc.. ** for what ever I can get for it say $2500.00 and place it with my 5 grand and start a new quest?? I cant tell you how ****ed this makes me, !! I am still craveing a 69.

ANY ONE want to buy a body and heap O parts Cheep!!! it's now in texas at a hanger south of Houston $2500.00 for everything but the engine and tranny and it all worked before I took it apart , good bod, T-tops, ac, pw,ps, tilt telly, good glass, good axels, leather seats,head lights vacume liines Sh!* every thing but the frame you can have it but it is junk. :mad :r :mad :r :r Just e- mail me here and PLEASE pass this on to any yards, body guys etc. I need to do something FAST !! I dont have long left in the U.S.

Man I sorry to hear about the frame on your '77. Even more sorry to hear you want to get rid of the rest of her, and that you don't have to much longer in the States :( bummer.

I see frames for sale on eBay from time to time, it's a :cry "donkey" shame that you don't have more time to make this decision..

Best of Luck, and if I hear of anyone looking for a 77 minus the frame, motor and trans I'll let ya know.

First sit back and take a deep breath and don't do anything your going to regret. Try calling this gut,he may be able to help you;Jim at 608-365-7116,also seems to me that some of the Corvette wheeler dealers magazines have ads that sell frames,although I don't know what they run for price.
Frames can be repaired as well, depending on how bad the problem is. Replacement frames go at all different prices. You will want to hang on to that 77 at this point and use it for parts on the 69. The interior on the 77 is much better than 69, and you can transfer those parts over, as well as the column etc. Yow will get your money's worth out of parting it out for your own cause.

Good luck!
I agree with barrier5 on contacting Jim Stevens. They sell new and used parts for 63-82 Corvettes. I met them at the Jefferson, WI Little Carlisle Swap meet. They're reasonably priced; sold me a physically perfect '76 hi-rise hood for $80; needed extra clearance as the 350 330HP Crate engine's intake is the same as a Edelbrok Performer but made for GM. I called them and told them what I was looking for, when I got there he had a number of hoods laid out for me to select from. Nice, knowledgeable, accomadating people.

Stevens Automotive
Beloit, Wisconsin

Good Luck,

Try this site: http://www.cranescorvette.com/chassis.htm
They have a bunch of frames and it looks like they have 75-79 frames for $1400 according to their website(which is a little raunchy). Don't give up there are places you can get good used frames.
77 Frame

Heah tacoed I don't know if your still in Tx but you can calla guy who sells mostly junked onder vettes and hes down in Alvin,Tx so just a stones throw away from you parts.His name is William and would think he can come up with something for you!His number is as follows 281-960-3636 Tell him Tim with the blue 80 sent ya!!:_rock

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