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My Z06 is 8 years old today and still running strong!


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Feb 14, 2004
Odessa, MO
1970 Laguna Grey Convert., '04 Z06
I purchased my new 2004 Millenium Yellow Z06 8 years ago today. The car has just over 38,000 miles on it and is running stronger than ever and has never had any warranty work done or any other problems. When I drove it in to work this morning I realize that I still love driving the car just as much now as I did when I (literally) drove it off of the showroom floor 8 years ago. I still really like how the Millenium Yellow paint looks with the fixed roof coupe body style, especially with the sun on it! It is still definitely my favorite body style and my kids still love it and it gets lots of looks every time I drive it even with it being completely stock. In 8 years the car has made no trips to the dealer and the only things I've replaced were one new set of wipers, one new set of tires and the battery (after I accidentally ran it down and let it sit for two weeks like that in the winter in an unheated garage. The car doesn't get babied, the garage isn't heated, I've run it in a couple of tracks days, putting about 180 miles of track time on it during each, but the stock suspension is still nice and tight and it starts and runs like new.


Apr 1, 2009
2008 Z06 & 2003 Z06
Z06 anniversay turned 10 years old

I bought my new way back in Oct 2002, Its a triple black and i only have 27,000 miles on this gem. It still runs like new, performs like new, and is get more looks and stares and compliments than it was then new. Most of the compliments I get is. "that is the Best corvette EVER.
and so is yours!!!!

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