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Mystery Heads



Hi Tom,
Looks like read the head numbers wrong. Boy those serials are HARD to read...

3991492, not 3991482

According to Mortec.com:
3991492....70......350..........LT1,Camel hump,accessory holes,64cc, straight plug

Does this jive with what you know?

Best Regards!
LT1 heads

This is the LT1 head that used to be the hot setup. Lots of em were sold over the counter. 2.02 intake and 1.60 exhaust and decent ports. These are still very good heads and with your 340 short block you should have a strong engine. No wonder you embarrassed that Rustang on 6 cylinders


P.S. Something is wrong with the spell checker. I says Rustang should be Mustang. Go figure.

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