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Mystery sound fr the rear



I've just pretty much completed(they're never really done)the
restoration on my '72 and there's a noticable rubbing sound
coming fr the rear part of the drivetrain. It sounds like the right side and doesn't vary w/rpm's; it speeds up as the car goes faster. It sounds to me like brake pads not releasing - I know the pads are always in contact w/the rotors, but that's the only way I know of to describe the sound. Doesn't vary when I turn corners.
I put brand new calipers on both the back wheels and installed a new master-cylinder. Funny thing though, the car has pwr brakes but doesn't stop like it - feels like only 1/2 the brakes are grabbing - I think the rears are working bec. the car doesn't dip when I jam on the brake pedal.
The car has been sitting in the body shop for the past 18 mo.s(the underside looked like it too) - so, understandably I had no brake pedal when I got it back. I gravity bled the brakes 1st then bled ea. fitting int turn and came up(finally) w/a good feeling pedal.
To look @ it I can't find anything wrong and there's no rub spots - The rear had been topped off bef. I started the engine.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated - thanks.

That is a tough one to diagnose long distance. My first guess would be the rear brakes. Any chance the emergency brakes are partially on, or your cable has frozen etc?

Maybe somebody at the body shop jacked it up and snagged the e-brake cable on that wheel jamming them partially on.
if you suspected the brakes hanging up, would not the rims be hot? and, if this was the case, could a bad wheel bearing throw the rotor out causing the brakes to grab? hopefully this won't be the case. also, i'd check the other suggestion and look at the e-brakes first, as per 69 myway.
B A D Ken! :nono The same thing has happened to me...I was always a very serious person until I started reading Ken's posts. :gap


Bullitt said:
Gas-X anyone? :L :L I think Ken is having a bad influence on me.--Bullitt
You said you installed a new master cylinder and mentioned bleeding the brakes, but didn't mention bench bleeding the master cylinder before you installed it. If you didn't do so, this could be the cause of your problem.
Mystery sound solved!

The advice to check out the e-brake ass'ly checked out! and sure enough on the right side (where I thought most of the "rubbing" sound was coming from)I found both upper and lower shoe retracting springs were broken!
I replaced them (after 2 hours of trying) but having trouble fully retracting the emergency brake cable and the shoes are still contacting the brake drum...I'll get it eventually. Thanks very much for the help.
And, yes this time I did have the discipline to bench-bleed the master cylinder first (ha,ha). Mark

PS I'd like to have a talk w/the eng. that came up w/this design - there's absolutely no room to work!!!

Found a die at the local hardware store this morning and finished it off. It may still need a little adjustment after the carpet and padding is in.

What do you think??


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