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Name this part


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Apr 2, 2001
'74 Yellow/Tan int '96 Black/Black int LT4
Found this part in between my seat and seatcover when i bought the car, It looks to me like valve cap, but is to heavy and hole is to small.

Wamp '74
it would make an awesome button for the shifter, but way to big round. Someone out there has to know.

Wamp '74
My guess would have been the shifter button. Looks just like one except slightly modified with the emblem on top. Never seen any other part that is even close to resembling that.
my dumb guess

Not knowing how big it is...I'll take a stab...maybe a custom knob for a radio or switch?

BTW, it isn't that site administrator ROB doesn't have enough to do...but could having a running "quiz" be fun and educational.... like what's happening here...NO, I'm not volunteering (lol)!

Well, it looks like a knob that would go on the window handle or on a radio to me. I have not seen any that has a flag on them though. Am anxious to know where it belongs now.:eyerole

yellow 81
I concur with Scott81, it is a shifter reverse lockout button. Back in the 70s you could order after market wood shifter knobs and you could specify what type of cross flags emblem that you wanted on the lockout button. :)
lotsa Drag

The top view looks like a nose emblem from a 76, but if it were it would give too much drag for me. i don't know
Dimensions are 1" diameter by 5/8. It is to heavy to be a knob for a stereo. the hole is 1/4 and only goes in for three threads. I wanted a knew one to fabricate a shifter, is a real neat item but beyond me as to what it came off of.
Shifter lockout Button

It is absolutely exactly like the thumb button (lockout) from the center of the shifter on our 74 L82.

The dimensions sound right and from the look of the underneath, I'd say someone broke off the screw shank inside (hence the short thread count).

It should have the heft of a serious fishing weight as it is solid pot metal.

Rick and Donna:beer
AT shift button

Now that we have the dimensions, I concur with Scott81 and Vette81; it is a shift button for auto tranny. I have '71 AT with wooden handle and similar button...only difference is mine has a different crest.
solid62 & Jack

My auto shifter is stock with black ball and chrome button. Did yours come stock with your car or is it an aftermarket part? Do you know where I can find a new one, all I have been able to find is the black handle with chrome button.

Wamp '74
Corvette Central

Hey Wamp,
I would try corvette central or ecklers.

My part is original as far as I know. I also believe it is a one year issue. Part of the freshening up of the styling scheme (like that dumb two piece rear bumper cover)LOL


I'll look in my catalog when I get to work this morning and try for a part number for ya!

Good luck!

Rick and Donna:beer
aftermarket knob

I concur w/ R&D...black knob w/ chrome button likely stock. I acquired quite used '71 w/ custom wooden knob & crested button in place. I've looked in several vendors' current catalogs today... all I find is black-chrome.

Perhaps you could make some calls... maybe vendors'll have older custom accessories "in the back"... ones that may be less popular with today's restorers. You may find auctions at www.ebaymotors.com a source.

BTW, my wooden knob is open-grain... it can get pretty grimy.

Wamp and R&D, do your '74's have an indicating needle or pointer that shows what gear is selected? My '71 does not.

I don't disagree w/ the split-bumper comment (lol)! I actually saw a :crazy "updated" Opel GT (baby chrome-bumpered C3 knock-off) using a '74 2-pc bmpr cvr... what a job... and for what?
Thumb button

It is definately a button for the shifter. Back in early 70's, you could preplace the button on shift quite easily with several different "buttons". Have not seen them for years any where. If nothing else, nice little collectable. :)

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