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Need a 67 intake 427/400



I need an intake for my 427/400 Part #3894382 400HP with A/c roadster. Anyone know where I can get a good one? I already have a piece of junk and don't need another. Thank you for any help. This site is a FANTASTIC resource!!
400hp intake

Hi Dunagan.

There are a lot of listings in the Portal for places that have good selections of used parts. Right off the top of my head I would suggest Paragon Reproductions. They are well stocked in hard to find used parts. www.corvette-paragon.com . Also check with J&D Corvette. I first bought parts from them in '71. They have tons of stuff and their site is listed in the Portal as well as JT Piper (Piper Auto Specialties. A very large used Corvette parts business.

This should get you started.

Good luck.


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