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Need advice on hyperchip install


Jan 1, 2002
1975 Classic White/1984 Medium Blue Metallic Coupe
I have a stock 1984 crossfire with a K&N filter. Should I install a streetrunner chip & power coil kit or a thermomaster chip, power stat, cooling fan kit & power coil kit? I have little experience with mixing & matching performance chips. I look forward to your help. Thanks
I went with the thermomaster chip, fan switch and 160* stat. I'm very happy with the results. It wasn't that difficult to do either. If you need help, let me know.
All the chips put out but in my experience the JET computer is the most bang for the buck

I run a JET on a 160* thermo with MSD Coil, MSD Ign (6A L), MSD 8.8's and Bosch Plat 4 plugs with a easy flow dynomax exhaust.

Over all I run way better accleration, better sound and better HP (unknown AMT because the Goof at the Dyno place here wont hook my car up to his Dyno because of hook up areas for safety)
I went with the StageII Hypertech and 160 stat. Being in FL, I saw immediate improvement due to decrease in running temps(from 220 to 190)along with other features. IMHO,I recommend. The install is a snap.

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