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Need Help: 1970 Wiper Problem



Hi all,

I have a 1970 convertible and as I am sure most of you know one of the problems with this years Shark are those wipers. Well my problem is I start the wiper the door starts to lift and then stops, I then need to get out of the car and assist the wiper door to open all the way and then the wipers perform as designed. If I shut wipers off then attempt to turn back on again, I need to go thru the entire process agian. I also hear a "swooshing sound" from under the dash when I attempt to activate wipers.

Any help you can provide is appreciated.

Merry Xmas
Welcome to the CACC, Tony. I 've had problems with my system, but haven't been able to see if the repairs have done anything, yet. There's a valve on the back of your tachometer that hooks up to these vacuum hoses of the wiper system. I'd check the condition and fit of everything, first. Hopefully someone who has had good results in diagnosis and effective repairs will come along. Enjoy checking out the forum. It's a great place. --Bullitt
Welcome aboard Tony!

It sounds like you may actually have two problems, one being the vacuum leak that you hear inside the car. That can be coming from a number of places, search it out and that may solve your problem. A leak, however, usually will either cause the system to not function at all or just function slowly but still open all of the way. The other problem that sounds a more likely culprit for the incomplete opening is the little roller thingies :) (can't remember what they're called). All of the catalogs sell a resto kit to get these back in shape, when I get home I'll find them and repost with the correct name and a better description.

I've been fortunate not to have had any problems with my wiper door yet but some others here will no doubt chime in and share their experiences.

Good Luck!
You may want to take a look at the actuatuor rod seal. If it is cracked or does not seal properly the door will act as you discribe (it would not be the cause of the "swooshing sound" however). Hope this helps.
Like Camtwister said, the actuator seal is a good place to start, and cheap too at about $10. Corvette Central also has a kit that includes the seal, plug and boot for $23. Also, the vac system has to work a lot harder if the components it's pushing up are worn, I would go for new mounting hardware too while you're ripping it all apart. Someone sells a kit for that too but I can't remember who so just go to all of the usual Corvette catalog sites and search for "wiper door". The kit has the bushings that I referred to as thingies :eyerole.

Also, a little trick I did with my vac lines was to trim off the first 1/4 inch or so at every fitting and spray it with silicone and reattach since the ends on mine were the only thing with any sign of rot. Headlights and wiper door both performed much better afterwards.

Good Luck!

- Eric

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