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May 6, 2007
Agoura Hills
Hello: I just road tested a 2007 Z06 with 8K miles which is in great condition. It is a fantastic car and I am very close to making the purchase. I happen to be 6' 9" tall and surprisingly with the seat all the way back and lowered there is plenty of leg room for my 38" inseam. The seat is very comfortable for my torso. My only concern is the following which I need your help with:

With the seat all the way back and with my head in a comfortable driving position my head is about 1/2" below the interior of the top. This is fine. When I move my head back to contact the head rest the top of my head hits the interior fabric and plastic border of the interior as it curves down. I figure I could possibly modify that small portion of the interior of the top by taking out some plastic etc... bringing it up by about 1 inch. Or by lowering the seat by about 1 inch, somehow lowering the rails or if needed using a different seat: (although I would like to stay with the same seat if possible). The bottom line is I figure I need about one inch of extra room. (A great option would be to get the Callaway C16 Cabrio which is a convertible and would solve my roof line issue but I don't have the required $128,000!!)

Does anyone know if there is a seat lowering kit for the corvette?

Dan, I don't know of a "seat lowering kit", however, you can get SPARCO seats that will lower 2". Unfortunately, you may lose the side airbag protection (but you can install a 5 way harness.)
I had talked to Vette Essentials one time about this and they told me that they carve some foam out of the seat and restretch the covers and you can gain 1 1/4" or so. I would talk to them if you go that way. It would not cost much, and you retain the stock seats. They said there was no difference in the comfort factor.

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